Who performs the Cupping Therapy?

Dr. M. I. Zahoor, ABPN, ABSM.  He is a board certified Neurologist with Fellowships in Neuromuscular/EMG, Neurophysiology/EEG, and Sleep Medicine.  Also, with special interest in Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Alternative/Integrative Medicine.

Is Wet Cupping painful?

For majority, it is a painless procedure.  However to give you an idea, it is as similar to have a blood test done. Wet Cupping is not as intrusive as the blood test and it does not penetrate the veins.

How often do you do Wet Cupping?

Wet Cupping can be done as often as two times a week, but most do it usually once a month. If the cupping left severe red marks, most physicians will wait until the marks go away. Some patients come in for weekly cupping sessions for stress and tension, while others come as needed for lung or skin issues.


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